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     Everyone sees the wonderful actors on stage during each Chaparral Theatre Company production, but few people know and appreciate the hard work of the people behind the scenes. Alex Elbert has been involved with theater, doing the work that no one sees but dictates the level of the production, since sophomore year.

     “I got involved because all the techniques required for technical theatre appealed to me and I love theatre and the arts,” Elbert said.

     Elbert is able to combine her love of arts and theater into one by working with the theater department. She is able to work with art by helping to design and paint sets and costumes, as well as her love of theater by helping to produce shows.

     “I love the artistic aspect of it and basically seeing an entire production go from nothing to this great piece of art,” Elbert said.

     People who work in technical theater have a variety of roles, from building and painting sets, designing costumes, to working the lights and sound. Elbert initially just helped out, doing whatever needed to be done before, during and after the production, but this year was promoted to Stage Manager, a tough and demanding role. As stage manager, Elbert runs auditions and oversees everything that happens behind and on the stage.

     Working both on and off the stage are both extremely time consuming. Elbert sometimes spends more than 20 hours a week working for the theater department, and the week before shows, it can be as many as 150 hours, often staying at school till as late as 11:00. Although sometimes she has little time for schoolwork or sleep she maintains that it’s all worth it.

     Through all the time spent in theater, Elbert has met some of her best friends.

     “I love almost everything about theatre, the people are like my family, and I see them more than my family,” Elbert said.

Elbert encourages anyone interested to get involved with the theater department, as they are always looking for help.


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